We seek to create landscapes with atmosphere, living landscapes that are not just beautiful but contribute positively to the environment. In achieving this goal we believe there are three key considerations: people, place and planting.


We believe it is vital to listen carefully to the client throughout the design process. Understanding the client’s needs is of the greatest importance in creating a successful  design solution that works for the client and is unique to them.


Every site is different with its own unique context and history. Wherever possible we employ local materials, which are more sustainable and express more clearly local character and craftsmanship.

The sights and sounds of nature enrich our everyday lives, whether in city or country and the protection and enhancement of local biodiversity should be an essential part of the design process.


Planting combinations are inspired by natural communities and with the knowledge of years of experience of how plants grow and interact, to produce successful and easily maintained planting schemes, with attention to colour, texture and year round interest.